Subsurface exploration focused on the soils and geologic structures, as well as their ability to support adequately and safely in the built environment, is the cornerstone of our Geotechnical services area. Our experience includes engineering expertise with deep foundation systems, soil improvement methodologies, shallow foundation systems, vibration monitoring/mitigation engineering, and forensic investigations of various types of soils and vibration related failures.
Geotechnical Consulting Pre Construction
— Forge Engineering orchestrates and performs subsurface explorations in order to obtain data used in the preparation of recommendations for the design of both shallow and deep foundations. Written reports provide summary background data and include site preparation recommendations specific to the proposed project parameters.
Geotechnical Consulting During Construction
— We provide consulting and monitoring services for excavation, soil compaction, ground modification procedures, deep foundation installation, and foundation load tests during construction. We pride ourselves on offering our clients value engineering related to foundation designs and unique geotechnical problems that provide extraordinary economical alternatives and solutions.
Vibration Monitoring
— Forge monitors vibrations during blasting, soil compaction, demolition, pile driving, and other construction operations with an experienced staff and state-of-the-art seismograph equipment.
Geotechnical Consulting Post Construction
— Our firm also provides consulting services related to the investigation, evaluation, and remediation of settlement, sinkholes, and other geotechnical type failures.