Forge Engineering provides highly specialized evaluations of building envelopes, structural failures, incident reconstruction and issue remediation recommendations. Services include professional engineering advice, expert witness testimony, property condition surveys and a full range of other investigative and restoration design capabilities.
Building Condition Surveys
— Forge Engineering observes and documents existing conditions of both the exteriors and interiors of structures surrounding a proposed construction site prior to the commencement of construction to identify existing or potential areas of distress from the planned construction activities (demolition, pre-blasting, pre-piling driving, etc.). All findings are presented in a thoroughly documented, written report.
Bank Project Review
— As part of our services, we will provide the required plan and cost reviews identifying reasonability and feasibility for projects requiring bank funding.
Bank Draw Inspections
— In order to verify developer/contractor payments, Forge Engineering will provide the required monthly progress inspections during all phases of the construction.
Forensic Engineering
— The services provided by Forge Engineering can help identify, investigate, and resolve on-the-job construction related disputes before costly litigation is initiated. After construction is complete, our team can help identify, investigate, and resolve engineering design and construction-related failures. We also provide investigations that address failures associated with the normal aging of all building components and structures. Additional services include post-catastrophic event investigations and analysis, as well as performing life cycle cost analysis of all building components and structures.
Building Turnover Surveys
— Forge Engineering performs condition surveys on buildings for compliance with project specifications, good construction practices, and building codes, prior to turnover by the developer.
Expert Witness Services
— Our professional opinions for litigation needs deal with new construction, as well as existing structures, and cover such items as engineering design, construction, code compliance, product failures, building component failures, and insurance claims. Our personnel have provided expert witness services in the areas of roofing, marine, stucco/facade, water intrusion, interlocking pavers, asphalt, and concrete pavements, coatings, concrete pavers, nuisance sound, slip and fall, and erosion.
Owner Authorized Representative(OAR)
— We routinely provide project management services on Forge generated design/remediation plans and specifications projects. Rapid response consulting following natural catastrophes is offered for our out-of-town clients. On-call building/property facilities engineering consulting services for condominium and homeowner associations, as well as property management firms, are also included in our slate of services.
Bank Owned Properties
— Forge's forensic capabilities allow us to provide building envelope evaluations, indoor air quality assessments or asset condition reports in support of the disposal of distressed assets. Our construction consulting expertise can be deployed for clients acquiring assets to provide recommendations for preserving existing asset values, extending useful life or cost effective improvements for the acquisition.