Forge's Construction Materials Engineering Testing, or CoMET as it is widely known, includes specialized laboratory-based and field-applied techniques for sampling and testing construction materials to assure compliance within the built environment and applicable standardized test protocols. These procedures include sampling and testing by both in situ and laboratory based destructive and non-destructive methods.
Construction Materials Consulting
— Let Forge Engineering's experts review or prepare specifications regarding construction materials such as interior/exterior coatings, stucco, roofing materials/fasteners, waterproofing, concrete and asphaltic concrete mix design for compatibility, applicability, cost efficiency, and code compliance.
Construction Materials Testing
— We have the ability to perform site and laboratory testing on the full range of metals, roofing materials, soils, concrete, plastics, fenestration assemblies, and asphaltic concrete.
Construction Inspection Services
— Forge also provides post-tension monitoring and threshold inspection services for quality assurance during construction.
Special Inspection and Testing
— Some construction Projects require special inspections and testing. These inspections can be required or requested by Building Departments in some jurisdictions, Design Professionals, Developers, and Owners. These Special Inspections or Tests are required to satisfy Building Code and/or for Quality Control requirements of a Project to confirm conformance to the design drawings and specifications. Typically, these tests are required to be performed by a firm independent of the Contractor.

— FORGE provides these services with only fully trained and licensed personnel and engineers. FORGE will furnish the required reports to the Design Professional of Record, the Owner, and Building Official as requested or required.