Sarasota Bridges

Forge was retained to provide underwater inspections of three separate bridge structures for a roadway improvement program. Swift currents and limited visibility challenged the team's efforts. Underwater photography and visual documentation provided the necessary data to develop the proper remediation to the bridge's sub-structures.

Joe's Crab Shack Restaurant

This restaurant is located over the Caloosahatchee River in downtown Fort Myers. Forge was retained to provide consulting services related to the remediation of severely distressed concrete water pilings supporting the structure. We evaluated the distress, designed a temporary support system and remediation program, and performed project management services during the completion of the remediation project.

Villa De Marco Condominium Bulkhead/Seawall

Forge provided evaluation services and developed maintenance recommendations for the bulkhead/seawall at the property for the Villa De Marco Condominium Association to extend the useful life of their wall. The Association has implemented our recommended maintenance program to extend the walls' useful life .

Pelican Marsh Golf Club

Forge was retained to provide evaluation and remediation design services for the wood bulkhead retaining walls located throughout this golf course. The wood walls were the original walls that were starting to fail at several locations. Further movement or failure of the walls would have significant financial and usage impacts to the course. Forge evaluated the walls and designed a remediation program that would require minimal downtime of the golf course and be less costly than the complete removal and replacement of the wood bulkhead walls.

Indies West Condominiums Steel Sheet Pile Bulkhead Wall

Forge was retained to provide above and below water evaluation of the condominiums' deteriorating steel sheet pile bulkhead wall. Following 10 years of use, the steel bulkhead wall began to develop corrosion issues. Forge is currently working on a long-term remediation program to address the corrosion of the steel wall. Our services will include design, permitting, and project management of the approved remediation.