Tuscana 1 at Tuscany Reserve Turnover Survey

Forge was engaged to complete a Property Turnover Survey on this condominium property associated with the transfer of ownership from the developer to the Association. A definitive onsite unbiased assessment of the property's condition provided both parties with a basis for a smooth ownership transition. Opinions regarding required maintenance costs and remaining useful life afforded the parties involved the information needed to complete the transfer.

Waterside Condominiums 1, 2 & 3 Reserve Studies

Forge was retained to perform full-reserve studies for these three Condominium Associations. Forge's services consisted of reviewing and evaluating the condition and remaining useful life of all common-area components of the three separate condominiums, along with an analysis of the current level of funding and the future required levels of funding for the individual components. Our services culminated in the preparation and presentation of detailed reserve study reports.

Collier County Schools Energy Utilization Audit

Forge has been retained to assist the Collier County School District with an energy audit program to improve the District's consumption of energy. Forge is currently performing energy audits on eleven school facilities within the District. During the audits we are reviewing and documenting the energized and non-energized components of each of the facilities on a comparison and required basis to assist the District with implementing standard energy usage programs.

Indies West Verification Load Testing

Forge was retained to verify the load carrying capacity of small balconies of the Indies West Condominium buildings. The balconies included both cast-in-place and precast plank construction circa 1967. Our services included devising a load testing protocol with the necessary safety measures to prevent catastrophic failure of the balcony during testing. We verified the load carrying capacity of the balconies and developed a balcony restoration program.

Glenview at Pelican Bay CPVC Piping Evaluation

As part of Forge's ongoing consulting engineering services for the Glenview at Pelican Bay, Forge evaluated the condition of the CPVC water piping running throughout the 12-story structure. Following a couple of water leaks, concern arose regarding the integrity of the CPVC piping in the building. Forge inspected the piping, obtained representative samples of the piping, performed dissection and microscopy inspection of the samples to conclude that the piping was adequate and that only minor alterations were required.