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QUESTION: Is there a number per foot to replace a "standard" sea wall for budgeting purposes in today's market?

Thanks to Mr. Paul Sapp of P&M Property Management for posting this question.

ANSWER: Contributed by Matt Nolton, CE, P.E., C.B.I.E.

Unfortunately the typical cost of seawalls is a wide range. We have seen projects where the basic cost for the seawall has been as low as $250 per lineal foot and as high as $1,000 per lineal foot. Yes we did say basic cost, that's because typically there are several other costs associated with the replacement of a seawall that are considered extras or not part of their services by most marine contractors. Those items typically include engineering and permitting, any plumbing or electrical that needs to be reworked with the new wall and the biggest item landscaping and irrigation.

Now with that all said there are some basic categories that we can narrow the typical cost range into.

Standard wall replacement on an empty lot where the panels can be cast on the lot and equipment can work from the lot are on the lower part of the scale ranging typically from $250 to $400 per lineal foot with the ups and downs in the range mostly related to supply and demand in geographical areas such as Port of the Islands, Marco Island, Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, or Punta Gorda.

Standard wall replacement on a building occupied property where access is limited to completing the work by barge starts the per foot price going up mostly due to the location of the site and the required barge time to get to the site. Most barges that marine contractors use are not large enough to be able to completely remove an existing wall and install a new wall without making several trips to a transfer landing. The farther the travel distance to the transfer point the higher the cost bringing the typical cost for seawalls on these sites to $400 to $800.

The last category is for non-standard walls on sites that do not meet either of the two categories listed above. These are walls that for either site specific or use design reasons require thicker sections or longer lengths of seawall panels. These walls typically range from $500 to $1,000 per lineal foot with the higher part of the range being those walls on sites that require barge work and specially designed panels.

I will muddy the water up even more by adding that the typical costs above are for steel reinforced concrete seawalls. If I open the answer up to include vinyl, composite, steel and/or aluminum seawalls, the typical pricing ranges become more complicated and dependent on site specific needs.

Sorry for the long answer to what appears to be a simple question but as you can tell there are a lot of variables that affect the cost of a seawall, any given site and there are always multiple options for any given site.

Thank you for all the questions, keep them coming on any hot topic that concerns you!!!

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